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Softball Director: Open Position

North Metro Softball was introduced again in the 2003 season.  As part of the little League system, we play under the Little League guidelines and rules. Our level of play has increased by having a large number of returning players. We encourage players of all abilities and feel that we have become more competitive in our upper divisions. All players are required to play a number of innings per game and the focus is on the development of each player.

Softball Divisions

At all levels, North Metro accepts players of all levels of ability.  For information on age determination, see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Coach Pitch Division (Ages 5 - 8)
Girls are placed on baseball coach pitch teams with the boys.
Minors Division (Ages 9 and 10)
Emphasis is on beginning pitching from a 35 feet distance. Players are taught basic pitching techniques trying to pitch within the strike zone. Most players are developing basic softball skills of catching, throwing, and batting. Strategy and plays of gaining outs are taught and applied.
Majors Division (Ages 11 and 12)
Many players are demonstrating more advanced softball skills. Beginners are taught quickly as they develop fast. The level of competition is increased and strategy is more technical. The skill level takes a leap form the Minors Division and the playing speed is more rapid. Pitchers are nearing 35-40 MPH with more consistency. Pitchers throw from 40 feet.
Junior Division (Ages 13 and 14)
Many players are competitive. A 12 inch ball is used. The pitchers are nearing 40-45 MPH with accuracy. Bunting and the short game of playing are developing. Some players have used this level to develop their skills to tryout for High School teams.

Player Cost

Includes uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, umpire fees, Little League fees, District 2 fees, City licenses, etc. See the Registration & Fundraiser page for more information on fees and our current fundraiser activities.


All coaches are volunteers who donate hundreds of hours of their time.  Please respect their coaching decisions and effort. Some are just beginning and others are experienced. All coaches attend a coaching clinic and are monitored for quality.  The Softball Directors handle any conflicts or problems.  All coaches complete a background check by NMLL.


We appreciate all volunteers who assist in a variety of ways: coaching, providing treats, keeping score, etc. Please ask how you can assist.


NMLL Purchased: NMLL provides a new jersey and a visor for each Softball player. Parent Purchased: socks and pants.