Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

helicopterNorth Metro Little League Helicopter Golf Ball Drop May 3, 2014 @ Northwest Open Space at 9:00 am   Join North Metro Little League for 2014 Opening Day Ceremonies. Festivities will feature the HELICOPTER GOLF BALL DROP; a unique raffle style event where you ‘buy’ numbered golf balls which are dropped from a helicopter.  If your number lands closest to the target we have set out, you stand to win prizes beyond your wildest dreams!  Be here early to witness this spectacular event! If you’d like to donate a prize to be used in the event, please contact Joseph Bereza.   iPad     Colorado Rockies Tickets     Visa Gift Card Be sure to mention that North Metro Little League sent you when you visit and support your North Metro Little League Sponsors & Donors.   The closest balls win cash, balls 4 through TBD will win the donated prizes seen below. The gold ball that is furthest away will win the iPad.  Note that gold balls can only be purchased at the event but winners need not be present to win.
iPadNorth Metro Little League Board of Directors
$500 Care Package (Initial Exam, X-Rays, 6 Adjustments)Lindeman Chiropractic
4 Colorado Rockies TicketsColorado Rockies
$105 Gift CardMcDonald's Farm
$100 Treat Bucks Gift CardZinga!
$100 Gift CardBrunner & Lay
$100 Gift CardTeam Sports Photos
$30 Gift CardTexas Road House
Oil Changes at Brakes PlusBrakes Plus
$50 Lowes Gift CardBuilderMT
Gift CardDirectBuy of NorthWest Denver
  • Each team that has each player sell a minimum of 5 balls each will receive a $100 Gift Card for the team (Coach Pitch and above).  Tee Ball teams that sell 25 balls per team will receive a $100 Gift Card for the team.
  • North Metro Little League will pay for a Team Party for each team that sells the most balls in their division.
    • Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, All Minors Teams between Baseball & Softball, All Majors Teams between Baseball & Softball, 50/70 will compete with Juniors
  • The top 3 kids in the league will win one Free Registration (Parental Incentive) and a $50 Gift Card good at Dick's Sporting Goods
  • One Ball [$10.00]
  • Three Balls for $27 [$9.00]
  • 5 Balls for $40 [$8.00]
  • 10 Balls for $80 [$8.00]
  • 25 Balls for $175 (best value) [$7.00]

Note: The Colorado Rockies ® logo is Copyright © The Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Rockies have provided donations to North Metro Little League but is in no way affiliated with North Metro Little League and in no way implies sponsorship of the North Metro Little League organization.

All other logos are Copyright the respective companies/organizations, and do not imply sponsorship beyond their contribution to North Metro Little League.